Our concept is simple ... a small guest house, accommodating a limited number of guests, set in the midst of a wildlife haven. 

  • personal attention
  • spectacular surroundings
  • exceptional cuisine

Our kitchen offers a wide variety of meals inspired by the regional cuisine, mouth-watering barbecues which are complemented by exquisite South African wines and great conversation, in our spacious dining room.

Over dinner, your hosts can share their broad knowledge on numerous and diverse subjects ranging from the local history and culture, wildlife and nature, conservation efforts and predator management through to the realities of day-to-day life on an operational Namibian ranch and in the nearby rural communities.

Animals can be viewed on guided game drives through the rugged surrounding terrain in four-wheel drive vehicles, or just by sitting on the viewing deck at our floodlit waterhole.

And after a long day in the bush, there's nothing quite like relaxing with an ice-cold sundowner around the pool, watching as the setting sun illuminates the blood-red Waterberg Plateau.

Catering for only a limited number of guests also enables us to personalise your visit to suit the specific wishes of your group. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, we can customize your stay to ensure a truly memorable occasion.

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